Pivot Consulting is a premier business consulting firm started in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and specializing in Management Consulting, Project Management, Business Analysis, and Digital Transformation services for Public Sector clients.

In an industry where there have traditionally been many similarities, it can be  difficult for clients and colleagues to differentiate between firms. Clients can be left wondering about the firm they are hiring, and colleagues can be left wondering about the firm they are joining. 

So, what is Pivot about?

​Ÿ- Real solutions for clients, not just more engagements

- Taking consulting assignments where we can add measurable value, not

   about taking any available project
- Leaving something on the table, not extracting every billable hour from

   clients and personal time from consultants
- Meaningful experience and dedication
- Inclusion and diversity

- Leadership and insight
- Trust and clarity​
- Honesty and integrity
- Facilitating a collaborative environment

- Employing business models and strategies that support local economic      and environmental sustainability

- Openness to new ways of doing business

Pivot was designed to be different.
​Realizing that the old way of doing things is not always the best way, led to its creation.